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Colombian actress, Graduated in Dramatic Art from the Universidad del Valle. Account
with extensive acting experience in film, theater, radio soap opera and television.
acting teacher. Audiovisual producer.
Winner of the Macondo 2013 award; Best Leading Actress, by the Academy
of Arts and Cinematographic Sciences of Colombia, for his performance in the film
collided. Winner of the India Catalina Award 2014; Revelation Actress, for her character
Principal of Caridad Murillo, in the Caracol TV series, La selección. Winner of
Guachupé de Oro, 2015, in the Performance category; award that recognizes
who contribute to the cultural development of Colombia. In 2018 he received the Artistas prize
that Innovate, by the Ministry of the Interior and the Department of Ethnic Affairs
for his leadership as an artist.
He has starred in plays by successful universal playwrights, under the
direction of great theater teachers, one of them; A streetcar named Desire
Tennessee Williams, directed by Everett Dixon. He has acted in 10 films and
starred in three of them; Chocó by Jhonny Hendrix, El Faro, by Pacho Botía and El
Overturning of the Crab by Óscar Ruiz Navia. With these last three films the actress
has made a successful tour of the most prominent film festivals in the
world, where these films and his work on them have been widely recognized;
Berlin International Film Festival; The Berlinale, Pacific Meridian in
Vladivostok-Russia, International Festival of the New Cinema of Havana Cuba, Festival
Trinidad & Tobago International Film Festival, Finnish International Film Festival,
Calgary Latin Wave, Toronto International Film Festival; Tiff, Festival
International Film Festival of Saint Barthélemy, International Film Festival of
Cartagena, among others, in the latter he has participated four consecutive years, in
several roles, on three occasions with films, two of them as the opening of the
festival, she was also twice the master of ceremony and finally the image of the festival
in 2014. In December 2015 Karent was appointed by Colombia as a juror in
The 48 Hour Film Project. In 2016, she was the narrator of the documentary Afrolatinos, from the
New York director, Renzo Devia. He was a jury of SmartFilms Colombia in 2018, in
That same year, he received recognition from the newspaper El Espectador and the
Fundación Color de Colombia, as the Afro-Colombian of the Year in the modality of
Arts, after starring in the hit TV series; The Mom of 10, for the
which the following year, 2019, receives the award for best Afro-Colombian actress from the

decade. In 2019 she is recognized as one of the 100 most influential African
Descendants People, in New York on behalf of the United Nations and Mipad, for being
one of the Afro people under 40, most prominent in the modality of media and
culture in the world. She has recently started her career as a director and producer
with his short film Black or Latina, which premiered at The New York Short
International Film Festival and has had a wonderful tour of film festivals
in the United States, Spain and Colombia. Black or Latina, was selected in January
2020 by the main film festival of the African diaspora in the American continent;
Pan African Film Festival in Los Angeles California, where it made its premiere at the
West Coast of the United States on February 18, 2020, and in Colombia it premiered on
November of that same year at the Cali International Festival, and in 2021 at
International Afro Kunta Kinte Film Festival.

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